9 Great Camping Destinations You Have To Visit


Photo By: Norrisbaby (Flickr)

While having a conversation with an acquaintance, I mentioned my love for camping. Her reaction was, “Ugh! Sleeping in a tent with dirt…and bugs…and nothing to do sounds miserable!” I was about to tell her she obviously knew nothing about camping, but decided to bite my tongue.

I think many of us can appreciate that camping isn’t just sitting around a fire singing Kumbaya and sleeping with a bunch of dirty bugs! It’s about exploring the world, actually seeing nature, and experiencing things you don’t get to in the busy city or everyday life. If camping is nothing but dirt and bugs to you, then you need to up your camping trips to more exciting places. If camping is an “Ugh!” experience for you, then try out these nine incredible camp sites and let me know what you still have to say about camping.

9. Wawona Campground

If camping is a little boring to you, then take a stop at Sierra, Nevada and enjoy horseback riding, rock climbing, hiking and exploring the mountain terrain.

8. Bowman Lake Campground

This camp is at the Glacier National Park in Montana and the view of the Majestic Mountains against the peaceful lake makes this place worth waking up to.

7. Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Located in Utah, this place has a stunning view of red mountains, a river, reservoir, and miles of trees. The unique mountains are worth traveling to see.

6. Point Reyes Campgrounds

This place has made my list of where I want to go traveling next summer, because you have to hike-in to reach it. Along the shore of San Francisco this is a place that goes beyond the woods and lets you breathe in the ocean air.

5. Guadalupe River State Park

Camp alongside the Guadalupe River and try whitewater rafting or sit back and enjoy the unique mountains and scenery.

4. Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

This park is located in Oregon and lets you experience the woods, two lakes, two miles of sand dunes, and just a walk away to the ocean. It has everything including several camp sites along the lake depending on what lake you want to be near.

3. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

This beautiful place is on Lake Superior in Michigan and offers up 42 miles of hiking trails to explore the mountains, lake, and waterfalls.

2. Haena Beach Park

This beach is located in Hawaii…sorry, leave the camper at home, if you’re continental US… and for a cheap price you get to camp out on the soft sand, soak up the sun, and breathe in the ocean air all from the comfort of your tent.

1. Grant Village Campground

Yellowstone National Park is my favorite place and is a must-see for everyone. Experiencing Old Faithful shooting over 150 feet into the sky is a moment you will never forget, along with the hundreds of other hot spots and geysers to see.

Novices, don’t be deceived by camping nay-sayers…before shrugging off camping as boring and repetitive, try out some new locations. Maybe camp by a lake and go fishing while enjoying the water’s beauty. Instead of hiding out in the woods, hit the coast-line for a view of the endless ocean while sleeping in the tent. Grab out that dusty bucket-list and visit a few places in the country right from your tent or camper. Camping can be fun if you find the right camp sites and do a little traveling and exploring along the way.

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