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Jennifer McBrideHey Everyone!

My name is Jennifer McBride, and I’m the new Content Developer here at MattressInsider.com. I’m looking forward to contributing great content for all of our readers, but first, I would like to introduce myself a bit.

I was born in 1980, and am originally from a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio, and as a child, my family loved to take road trips. Each summer, we would pack the RV and travel to a new destination to see different parts of the country. While I loved going to beaches, my family loved to camp, and over the course of my childhood summers, I was lucky enough to see a lot of great places across the country, and feel very fortunate of that. I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.

After finishing High School, I felt that I wanted a change of scenery, and ended up landing in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. We would visit Denver on occasion when I was younger, as many of those on my father’s side of the family were from there. I loved Colorado for the landscape and great sights, but also looked at it as a new opportunity.

Both here and on MattressInsider.com, I look forward to sharing ideas, stories, and content with all of you, as well as sparking great conversation.

I love to travel, and know that you do too!

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Jennifer McBride loves to write, and enjoy the outdoors in Colorado. Jennifer loves to write, hike, and generally be a weekend warrior. You can find out more about Jennifer McBride on her Google+ page.

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