Discussing Issues Of Sleep With Dr. Yatin Patel

Sleep, which is a heightened anabolic state, is much more than just something you do when you’re exhausted. There are different stages of sleep (like the NREM and REM stages), functions of sleep (such as Ontogensis and Preservation), and also other interesting factors, such as how certain foods can affect your sleep.

Recently, I was able to interview Dr. Yatin Patel, a pulmonary and sleep physician, who not only blogs regularly on the issues of sleep, but has also authored two great books on the subject.



What was it that fascinated you most about becoming an expert on Sleep, and how did you become a Sleep Physician?

Sleep, especially the deep sleep and the dreaming stage of sleep (also called the Rapid Eye Movement sleep) fascinated me the most. I was intrigued by the mind’s limitless imagination leading to crazy creativity during that REM stage of sleep. During my pulmonary fellowship, I got an opportunity to work with Dr. William Beam, a sleep physician trained at the National Jewish Medical Center, who was instrumental in nurturing my passion for sleep medicine.

On your blog, you’re a huge supporter of Meditation. What is the biggest benefit of this when it comes to sleep?

Sleep replenishes your mind and your body. Meditation replenishes the mind, body, and soul and thereby it enriches the life itself. Meditation done at bedtime also makes the sleep more restorative. And remember, sleep does not differentiate us from animals; meditation does.

You discuss “F.E.M.A.L.E.” on your blog. Can you go into detail for the readers as to what that’s about?

F.E.M.A.L.E. stands for Food, Education, Medicine, And Love for Everyone. Ashram means a holy community, which in our case exists in the cyberspace. The goal is to make a significant and measurable improvement in the conditions of females in India.

To create a country in which
a female baby is joyfully welcome by every member of the family
a female student is provided a supportive, stimulating, and safe environment to study and grow
a female employee is treated with respect and kindness
a female retiree is given food, shelter, clothes, medicine, and love

Are there any books that you have written on sleep issues, including sleeping disorders, tips, and other issues that we could share with readers?

I have written two books, both available on Amazon.

Sleep Well, Lead Well. Combining my 20 yeas of clinical experience as a board certified sleep physician and experience as a leader in various positions at the hospital along with my formal executive training at Notre Dame University, I help a reader achieve rectangular alertness (maximum alertness that can last 18 hours a day) using sleep hygiene and LAMP (Leader’s Alertness Management Plan). The book then helps the reader leverage this Alertness to maximize Emotional intelligence and information management to achieve consistent excellence. It takes the concept to new heights by adding selflessness and spirituality to achieve the state of Supreme Leadership. This model, if used correctly has a potential of giving the human race leaders better than Abe Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates.

This book is written to help overworked individuals maximize their God-given potential. On a broader level though, it can help everyone sleep better, live better, and maximize every living moment using the AEI∞ Model.

Deeper Sleep, Richer Life. This is an easy to read book written especially for females, who want to get more out of their sleep. It contains 200 pearls, which will help them sleep better and live better. Using these pearls, these females will achieve more stage 3 and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and hence wake up with lasting vigor and vitality. They all help you use REM sleep’s crazy creativity to transform your life. There are specific pearls provided to help people suffering with insomnia, fibromyalgia, and obstructive sleep apnea. There is a special section devoted to helping females get more stage 3 and REM sleep during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, and menopause. And when you cannot get sufficient sleep because of stress at home or at work, you can use pearls provided in the “Lead Well Despite Sleep Debt” section to maximize alertness, emotions, and information management. Using these pearls, you would achieve rectangular alertness defined as maximal alertness lasting from 6 am to 10 pm, every single day of your life.

What is your general opinion on sleep aids?

Insomnia is a symptom, and not a disease. To take sleep aids, without addressing the cause of sleep difficulty is not recommended. Also, studies have shown that sleep hygiene, stimulus control (minimizing mental stimulation in the evening and at night), and cognitive behavior therapy work much better.


What fascinates you the most about sleep? Also, do you have any thoughts or comments after reading this interview with Dr. Patel? If so, comment below!

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