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Hiking and TravelLike most, I have a passion for traveling. I’ve been lucky enough to see some great places, but my “bucket list” of traveling isn’t nearly complete. I was recently able to speak with Paul Steele of Paul’s blog is always an incredible read, as he goes in-depth on places he’s been, unique foods that he has tried, and more.



Your blog covers quite a bit, as you’ve seen many amazing places around the globe. What was it that inspired you to blog about your exciting journeys?

I kind of fell into it really. I have always been a hiker and past vocation involved a lot of travel. Twitter is what started it. I am in that different position where I blog because of what I was doing on social media, and I am not doing social media because I blog. I remember back when Twitter first introduced this new thing called adding pics to tweets! I was hiking and climbing all over the place at the time, and was an early smartphone user too. I started tweeting my views live, and eventually that turned into deciding to start a blog to show a days worth of pics too.

Not only do you go into detail about places you’ve visited, but you also review some of the unique foods that you’ve had. It must be hard to choose, but what have been some of your favorites?

Food, yes. I love my food. Lots of favourite food memories to be honest. Elk Burger, in a tipi, on a mountain in Norway. Crocodile and Emu BBQ in Australia. And I could never forget the Dolma in Azerbaijan.

What is one place that you have visited that exceeded your expectations, and why? What made it so amazing to see?

Iceland! A hiker’s paradise and then some. I could have stayed there for months hiking and hiking. The views are incomparable with volcanic mountains, lava fields, lush green areas, geysers, and dramatic waterfalls. The walking terrain is extremely beautiful and every mile is a blessing.

What other hobbies and interests do you have besides traveling the world?

I love to read and learn. Not heavy stuff, but I like to learn snippets of facts. I suppose that is a by-product of now blogging. If I see a fountain for instance, I don’t just like to say “here is a fountain, named XXX, built XXX.” There is nearly always an interesting fact.

It seems as though there aren’t many places that you haven’t been, but what is one place that you still would love to see, and haven’t been able to yet?

Antarctica is the one place I am to get to that I haven’t ‘quite’ done yet. Working in the background to make it happen, hopefully soon. Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated with the exploits of Antarctic explorers. My favourite time to trek is winter and Antarctica is absolutely the extreme in that regard. I love challenges, I love wilderness, and love cold… and yes, I suppose I would love the ‘very very cold.’


What is one place that you haven’t been, that you would love to see? I want to hear from you, so tell us in the comments below, and let me know what you thought of this interview. Don’t forget to check out Paul on his blog,!

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