The 20 Best Tweetable Sleeping Tips

guy-sleepingAs you know by now from my blog, I certainly have an invested interest when it comes to studying sleep. With that said, I recently took to Twitter to ask all of you what your #1 tweetable sleeping tip would be, and we definitely received some great answers.


  1. Create an environment that is conducive to sleep that is quiet, dark and cool with a comfortable mattress and pillows. (@GNSleepSite)
  2. Look at your sleep environment. Is it cool, quiet free of distraction? Is your mattress comfortable? Your bedroom is your sleep oasis. (@KarinSleeps)
  3. A good nights sleep begins the moment you wake up. Reduce stress, limit caffeine, eat healthy & no electronics 1 hr b4 bed. (@sleepwellaustin)
  4. Rub lavender essential oils on your ears before bed. The ear has over 250 acupuncture points so this calms your whole nervous system. Zzzzz…. (@luxuriating)
  5. Use the Sleep Cycle app, which plays white noise as you fall asleep, analyzes sleep quality, and has a ‘smart alarm’. (@macbainiac)
  6. Dim your tv/ tablet/ phone backlight 3 hours before bedtime. This works on even some of my blind patients because it effects a special light / nerve pathway in the brain. (@nitunverma)
  7. Visualize yourself floating out of your body and flying away to a relaxing haven like a beach or a garden. This is a simple but powerful sleep meditation. (@JonRhodesUK)
  8. Sleep cycles are important! Sleep in 1.5 hour increments so you don’t wake up groggy. Also make sure to keep your alarm out of arms reach! (@MikeyMackin)
  9. Avoid all things digital at least an hour before bed especially the smart phone. (@nathankrice)
  10. Get a great workout in the morning. Push yourself a bit extra. By the time you hit the hay, you’ll sleep like a baby. (@nyphotony)
  11. For peaceful sleep drink one cup of peppermint or chamomile tea 20 minutes before bedtime. (@attractandkeep)
  12. Think boring.  Start thinking fiercely about the Kardashians and bore yourself to sleep. (@denisekalm)
  13. Drink water before you go to bed. This moisturizes your body and literally cleanses it, which in turn relaxes your senses as you try to sleep. (@JonNegroni)
  14. Keep the bedroom for sleeping only. No TV, no computer, no phone, no work…your bedroom is your #sanctuary (@ThaGataNegrra)
  15. Train your mind on one word, any word. It shuts down your thinking brain. Fall asleep fast by repeating it over and over and over. (@Godscribe)
  16. Studies show peaceful environments make for better sleep. Consider soundproofing bedrooms as one way to reclaim a restful night. (@Roxul)
  17. If you are having trouble sleeping consider getting tested for food allergies. Food allergies can be a cause of insomnia. (@annalaurabrown)
  18. Relax your jaw while keeping your lips together. This helps relax your face and thus your body! Try it – it works! (@RealBerrySleepy)
  19. Start going to bed 1 hour earlier than you normally do. Do this for 1 week and notice how refreshed you feel each morning. (@jimmyorders)
  20. Decrease caffeine, Avoid your computer 1 hour before bed ,unclutter the bedroom, avoid naps. (@healthinista)

And there you have it. What measures do you take in your life to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep? Leave your tip in the comments below!

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