The Most Expensive RV’s In The World

By: Bruce Fingerhood Flickr

One of my favorite things to do when I was growing up was walk through motorhomes and RVs with my dad during the summer. We always picked out the biggest, most expensive ones and would drool over how amazing they were as we would walk through them. Our summers were spent camping in tents, and although we never bought a RV, it didn’t stop us from dreaming.

Even today I find myself walking through RVs for fun and hoping one day I will have one for traveling with family and friends. If you are anything like me, then you are going to love these five expensive RVs that have everything you could ever dream up.

1. EleMMent Palazzo

This is the ultimate mansion of RVs with a diesel engine, wireless command center, underfloor heating, and 430 square feet of luxury living space. Inside you will find a relaxing master bedroom, stunning fireplace, a full bathroom, and stairs to a roof-top terrace to enjoy the night air. This RV’s every inch is lined with expensive details and for a whopping 3.1 million dollars you can own one too.

2. The Vantare Platinum Plus

If gas prices make you wince, then imagine filling up a 235-gallon tank for roughly $1000. Of course when you are traveling in a 2.5 million dollar RV, $1000 is nothing more than pocket change. This gorgeous RV has every inch layered in the finest materials; even the stairs up to the door are made of marble. My personal favorite part is the storage underneath built to hold a sports car. Yes, I said a sports car.

3. Country Coach Prevost RV

Priced at $1.3 million, the Country Couch has an extravagant master bedroom with a king-sized bed, a stainless-steel kitchen, and a full bathroom. I can only dream of waking up in this beauty and enjoying a hot bath in the RV’s soaker tub.

4. Newmar King Aire

The Newmar King lives up to its name with stylish finishings built for a king. The kitchen has everything you would need to cook a gourmet meal or just a simple microwave dinner, while the bedroom features a room big enough to feel like you are home. For $738,645 you can be traveling in this relaxing RV while enjoying all the ultimate upgrades.

5. Unicat Amerigo series

This was designed for those looking for motorhomes built to get through any adventure. This bad boy can go up sand dunes, roll through mud, and do the type of off-roading you would expect from an ATV. For $500,000 you can drive this dream RV on road trips that don’t even have to be on the road.

6. Monaco 44 SIG Premier

This RV can take the entire family on road trips with comfortable beds for six people to sleep. A turbo diesel engine, diesel generator, full kitchen, lounge, and a master bedroom are only a few of the amazing things this RV has. The price tag on one of these is $225,000.

If you have a little cash on hand, or several million dollars, you probably want to run out and buy a new RV right now. I know I want to. It is hard to even imagine walking through one, let alone owning one, but if I had to choose my favorite, I would pick the Vantare Platinum Plus that can hold an entire sports car underneath it. Which one is your favorite? They might all seem out-of-reach, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

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