You Need To Replace That RV Mattress, And Here’s Why

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I am not a morning person and rolling out of bed is hard for me most mornings, but sometimes it even hurts a little. I find myself rubbing my sore neck and attempting to stretch my achy back while thinking, “Man I am getting SO old!” Because of morning or nightly aches and pains, I automatically assume it is all a part of the glory of adding another day or year onto my life. Although I am not getting any younger, many aches and pains are actually caused by an old mattress. Many people forget that their mattress needs replacing, unless it is falling apart, stained and beyond smelly, but mattresses need to be replaced every 5-7 years. That might seem excessive, but when you think about how many hours you sleep and relax in your bed every year, the hours add up pretty fast. Even if you spent an average of eight hours on your bed every night, after seven years that would be 20,440 hours! That’s too many hours! It is time to replace that old RV mattress and here’s why:

Aches and Pains

Those aches and pains don’t mean you’re getting old, they are most likely caused by sleeping uncomfortably. Mattresses start to lose their shape and cushion the longer they are used. This means that extra soft mattress you bought, is going to start feeling lumpy and hard. Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and well rested is going to make road trips more enjoyable.

Sinking Mattress

I have slept on a few mattresses in my life that when I go to roll out of bed, I actually started rolling to the center. This is especially annoying when you have to share a bed. You probably have experienced this awkward situation. As much as you both try to stay on your side of the bed, as soon as you start sleeping you both begin sliding to the center of the bed in a giant heap. After sleeping on a mattress for years, it begins to shape to your body. The place you slept loses its firmness and begins to sink. This can cause you to sleep in uncomfortable positions, especially if your body has changed in any way.

Restless Nights

If you are spending night after night tossing and turning on your RV mattress and you normally sleep great at home, it is time to replace that mattress. Many people buy the cheapest mattress they can find for their motorhomes assuming it doesn’t matter for road trips and camping. It ends up wearing out in less than five years. Having your rest is the only way you will want to get out and enjoy the scenery. If you are traveling for hours, getting a good night’s sleep is the only way for you to safely drive your RV.


Motorhomes are used to get outdoors and explore the world. This means dirt, dust, hay, and other outdoor allergens are going to get into your mattress easier and quicker than one shut safely in a home or apartment. If you are struggling with the stress and annoyance of constant allergies on road trips it’s time get a new mattress to help you breath better at night. Choose a mattress that is hypo-allergenic like the Deluxe RV mattress, which is also dust-mite resistant.


Mattresses get dirty and unlike sheets, you can’t throw them in the washing machine. After years of using your mattress, bugs, dead skin, dirt, stains, and smells can get trapped inside your mattress. Even if you can’t see the dirt and dead skin, it is there. It is unhealthy and unsanitary to be sleeping on a dirty mattress.

There are so many different mattresses now that can help you sleep better and comfortably through the night. As you get older your needs and comforts change. I have a weakness for ultra-soft mattresses but my dad likes his very firm. He used to stick boards under his mattress in an attempt to make it firmer, another sign you need to swap out your mattress! Try out a mattress that lets you choose the firmness by simply flipping it over. It is incredible the instant difference it makes. You might not even realize how worn out your mattress is until you swap it for a new one and feel the difference.

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